Unknown to many, our intestinal health directly affects and determines our overall health. Many health problems and discomforts are a result of an unhealthy gut. This is because trillions of bacteria resides in our gastrointestinal system. A balanced gut flora ratio comprising more good bacteria keeps us in top form. When this balance is upset by large amount of bad bacteria, symptoms of poor health begin to surface.

Below are a list of things that can upset your gut flora balance and increase your bad bacteria count:

  • Processed, refined foods
  • Sugar and excessive fructose
  • Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals
  • Stress
  • Air and water pollution
  • Antibiotics (including those in your food)
  • Drugs

Having large amount of bad bacteria causes toxins to form and pollute our intestinal tract. Polluted intestines in turn contaminate the blood, affect nutrient absorption and circulation of oxygen which leads to poor quality of cells being reproduced, finally resulting in a weakened immune system. Health problems such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, food and skin allergies, weight gain, urinary tract infection, arthritis and chronic fatigue may occur due to an unhealthy gastrointestinal system.

Besides, there is now increasing evidence that gut flora plays a role in the development of liver problem. There is a strong relationship between liver and the gut—the Liver-Gut axis. The gut supplies blood to the body system and intestinal blood content activates liver functions. The liver also secretes bile to aids the digestion of fats.  A study shows that the abnormal colonization in the small intestine with bacteria is well established in patients with liver cirrhosis with at least 50% have overgrowth of bad bacterial. This is in comparison with healthy individuals who have only small amount of these bacteria in the small intestine. With such a close relationship between the liver and the gut flora, it is important to populate your intestine with good bacteria. LAB Fermented Extract can reduce the burden of the liver. This can result in reduced fatigue for the individuals.