Skin and Complexion


The foundation for beautiful skin is always a healthy intestine with a balance of gut flora. Our intestine is where nutrients are absorbed in which it will determine the quality of blood.  Healthy blood is needed to nourish and renew skin.

How does Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Fermented Extract improve skin and complexion?

The quality of skin cells is subject to the intestinal health of each individual. In fact, our skin cell’s renewal take place approximately every 28 days and the basic nutrients need for cell renewal are absorbed in the intestine.  LAB Fermented Extract inhibits the growth of bad bacteria, thus reduces the formation of toxin and risk of blood contamination. This will in turn supply healthy blood to the skin for normal skin renewal.

How it works?

Improvement in Skin Texture

Beneficial effects on skin texture by Tokiko Clinic, Japan

Based on case studies conducted on 60 female subjects, aged between 30 and 70, it was observed that skin quality improved after 3 months consumption of LAB Fermented Extract.

As shown in the images below, the sulcus (also known as grooves) in the skin for the various age groups have straightened. The points of intersection (where the sulcus cross over to form triangular or diamond-shape hills) have also increased. The more ‘hills’, the smoother the skin will appear.


Improvement in Skin Health and General Wellness

Beneficial effects on skin health and general wellness by Dr Shintaro Hashimoto, Daimyo-cho Skin Clinic 

Case studies were conducted on 75 female subjects, (average age: 34.6±9.9 years) to observe the effects of LAB Fermented Extract on skin health and general wellness (stomach discomfort and constipation) after 1 month consumption of LAB Fermented Extract.

The results indicated that after taking LAB Fermented Extract, 65% of subjects experienced an improvement in their total beauty score, 69% improvement in skin texture, 92% improvement in skin moisture, 81% improvement in acne problem, 75% improvement in skin elasticity, 65% improvement in stomach discomfort and 68% improvement in constipation.

“My skin feels soft and moist now.”

I have been taking LAB Fermented Extract for approximately 4 years and have noticed significant improvement in my skin. It feels more supple and I no longer worry about occasional outbreaks. Having worked for a cosmetics manufacturer, I understand that there are limitations to improving skin quality through cosmetics. After experiencing the results of LAB Fermented Extract, I now firmly believe that good health is the key to good skin!”