What is Biogenics 16?

Biogenics 16 is a product of LABO Nutrition and is made up of 100% LAB Fermented Extract. The LAB Fermented Extract is produced through an advanced fermentation process that mimics the natural process in the body to derived similar beneficial bacterial secretion and bacterial body substance. These pre-fermented and predigested probiotics in the LAB Fermented Extract are resistant to heat and stomach acid, and readily absorbed and utilised by the gut. LAB Fermented Extract is effective in cleansing and improving the gut health, improving immunity, skin and overall health.

With more that 100 years of research, Biogenics 16 is produced by the leader in LAB Probiotics Technology in Japan. Trusted by more than 1300 clinics in Japan and backed by extensive scientific studies, Biogenics 16 continues to support individuals with various health ailments, helping them rediscover better health. Biogenics 16 is currently available at Unity Pharmacy (Singapore) and Watsons Pharmacy (Singapore) as an over-the-counter (OTC) product.

Clinically Proven* Benefits of Biogenics 16

• Cleanses intestinal wastes and restores healthy intestinal environment
• Supports healthy bowel movement
• Aids in blood purification and detoxification
• Helps mitigate effects of carcinogens and oxidation
• Improves skin conditions and relieves symptoms associated with allergies
• Promotes vitality and strong immunity
• Supports healthy kidney functions
• Improves oral health

Biogenics 16 is suitable for:

• Poor gastrointestinal health and irregular bowel movement
• People with irritable intestinal problems
• People with sensitive and reactive skin, and skin rashes
• Poor skin complexion
• Poor immune health
• Poor urinary tract health
• Poor oral health
• Poor kidney health
• Poor immunity
• Allergies
• Lifestyle-related ailments
• Chronic fatigue