Prenatal Health

During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences hormonal changes as it adapts to a new life growing within. Besides backaches and morning sickness, constipation is a common discomfort that pregnant mothers suffer from. Constipation may lead to other health issues common in pregnant mothers. This includes abdominal bloating, skin issues and sensitivity to cold.

Fetuses depend on their mother for nutrients, which are transported via the mother’s intestines, making it even more important for pregnant mothers to pay extra attention to their gastrointestinal health. LAB Fermented Extract is highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers as it supports their immune health, keeps them healthy during their nursing periods and increases good bacteria that are transferred to the infant through breast milk.

How does LAB Fermented Extract help prenatal health? 

As quoted from Dr. Kayo Sato, “Our intestines play various functions including digestion, nutrient absorption,  immune system regulation, blood purification, detoxification, etc. Deterioration of the intestinal environment as a result of constipation during pregnancy can cause many health problems such as skin allergy, sensitivity to cold and stomach bloating. Consuming LAB Fermented Extract increases the number of good bacteria thus providing the intestines with the cleansing it needs. I believe that it will also help pregnant women in relieving constipation and improve their skin conditions.”

How it works? 

Improvement in Pregnancy Discomforts

Beneficial effect of LAB Fermented Extract on improving pregnancy discomforts by Dr Kayo Sato, Fukuoka Prefectural University      

Based on a study conducted on 18 pregnant women, LAB Fermented Extract was able to relieve common pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, stomach bloating, dry skin and sensitivity to cold.prenatal-intestines

Please be advised that you should always consult your gynaecologist before taking any form of supplementation.


“I had a good pregnancy, even my baby is benefitting from Biogenics 16 now.”

When I found out I was pregnant with Sophie at the age of 39, I was ecstatic and took great care to keep myself and my developing foetus healthy. I started to consume Biogenics 16 to build my gastrointestinal health and immunity because I know a mother’s health directly influences her baby’s.

Throughout my pregnancy, I did not experience constipation which is common among pregnant women; my bowel movements were smooth and regular even after a prolonged labour. I realised I was healthier too; whenever I was down with a cold or a flu, I recovered quickly within a week without any medication.

Indeed, Biogenics 16 helped make my pregnancy journey easier, all the way to the postnatal months. I was able to breastfeed Sophie despite a cough as I did not take any medication. My baby caught the bug but recovered quickly. I am totally convinced that the combination of my breast milk and Biogenics 16 had strengthened her.

When Sophie was one-month old, she was diagnosed with acid reflux and was prescribed four courses of probiotics over two months. There wasn’t much improvement and she didn’t move her bowels for six days. When she did, she seemed uncomfortable and rather fussy. With the confidence in Biogenics 16 and it being a natural supplement, I decided to give some to Sophie after verifying that it’s safe for babies. I’m happy to share that her condition improved after the first week and by the third week, her bowel movements became regular and she was back to being a happy baby. I like Biogenics 16, especially since hubby and baby can share it too!

“I had an easy birth and did not experience much fatigue.”

I had been taking LAB Fermented Extract for five years before I was pregnant with my son and continued taking it throughout my pregnancy. Unlike other pregnant women, I did not experience any constipation or anemia and was able to continue working till 2 weeks prior to my labour. I had an easy birth and did not experience much fatigue.

My son, Ritsuki has also benefited with a stronger immunity compared with his peers. I would definitely recommend LAB Fermented Extract to everyone.

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