According to world-renowned Gastroenterologist, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, yogurt and external probiotics are not fully effective in increasing the beneficial bacteria living in the intestines. This is because live bacteria in yogurt and probiotics supplements are easily destroyed by high temperature (typically above 25ºC) and stomach acid. For effective colonising of friendly bacteria, a huge number of good bacteria must reach the intestines intact in order to proliferate the body’s own friendly bacteria. In addition, external bacteria may not be compatible with the resident good bacteria since the intestinal bacteria of every individual  are uniquely different. Hence, the ingested live bacteria may not be recognised by the body and will be excreted in the stools.

Unlike fermented milk products and other probiotic supplements, Biogenics 16 is neither a probiotic nor prebiotic supplement. It does not contain live bacteria but instead, is an extract of secretions from Lactic Acid Bacteria (which helps to nurture and encourage proliferation of the body’s own friendly bacteria) and Bacterial Body Substance (which helps to stimulate activity of the immune cells in our intestines). It is 100% resistant to heat and stomach acid. Compatibility is assured as the newly produced friendly bacteria are multiplied from the body’s resident strain. Biogenics 16 is highly potent and stable, it is 1000 times more effective than other cultivation methods. Below is the comparison between LAB Fermented Extract, prebiotic and probiotics.


Factors such as poor diet, stress, pollutants, prescription drugs and antibiotics deplete the amount of good bacteria in our body while contributing to the proliferation of bad bacteria. The imbalance of intestinal flora may lead to many health problems, especially constipation, indigestion and waste build-up. Undischarged toxic waste accumulated may cause the harmful substances to leak into the bloodstream, resulting in health issues. Thus, it is highly recommended to take LAB Fermented Extract daily so as to ensure a good balance of good bacteria to inhibit the ongoing growth of bad bacteria, in order to achieve optimum gastrointestinal health.
An individual with sufficient good bacteria has a strong immunity and does not get ill easily. He/she is energetic, has clear skin, bright eyes and a good appetite. His/her weight will also be within the healthy range.

In contrast, one with an unhealthy intestine tract has low immunity, bowel irregularities (constipation/diarrhoea), is more lethargic and easily succumbs to allergies and infections. These symptoms are indicators that you do not have sufficient good bacteria in your intestines.

The small intestine is the place where nutrients are being absorbed in the body. If there are insufficient good bacteria in the intestines, the ecology of the good and bad bacteria is upset. With insufficient good bacteria to digest food, the bad bacteria take over and undigested food that is not discharged regularly from the bowels will clog up the gut. Undischarged wastes create toxins and cause the body and its vital organs to work harder and this creates stress on the body. Nutrients absorption is naturally compromised.

LAB Fermented Extract in Biogenics 16 is produced from the co-culture of 16 specially selected strains of LAB. When consumed, Biogenics 16 works in three ways, namely:

(1) Create a conducive gastrointestinal environment to encourage natural proliferation of the body’s own good bacteria, which is the best fit for the individual compared with ingesting external probiotics.

(2) Suppress bad bacteria. As the good bacteria flourish in the environment facilitated by LAB Fermented Extract, the colony of bad bacteria shrinks and their reproduction is inhibited.

(3)  Strengthen the immune system and Peyer’s Patch (an immune sensor of intestine) to activate immune cells. (70% of entire body’s immune cells – Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) are located in intestine).

Biogenics 16 is a plant-based proprietary formula extracted from 16 strains of LAB bacteria and cultivated in an organic soya bean broth. It does not contain colouring, pesticides, preservatives or artificial flavouring. For best results, it is recommended to consume Biogenics 16 on a long-term basis to maintain optimal gut health. No known side effects has been reported.
Yes. However, we advise a 2-hour gap before or after medication for Biogenics 16 to work optimally in the body.
Biogenics 16 is cultivated in soy bean broth and fermented for 1 year. Biogenics 16 on its own does not contain traces of soy bean. However, if you are allergic to soy bean or have any other allergy symptoms, it is best to consult your physician before consuming any health supplement.
Your gastrointestinal health should gradually improve and you will experience regular bowel movement. The occurrence of poor gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, and indigestion will reduce gradually. Also, you may observe improvement in energy level and immunity.
It is best to consume Biogenics 16 on an empty stomach, diluted with water for best result.
Biogenics 16 does not contain any sugar, pesticides, colouring or artificial flavouring, making it absolutely safe for children to consume.
Biogenics 16 is formulated for all ages including infants, children, pregnant and lactating mothers and elders. Below is the recommended dosage:

Daily dosage
Adult1 sachet
Special Concerns2 to 5 sachets
Children (3-12 years old)1/2 sachet
Infant1 drop (1ml)
According to Dr Hiromi Shinya, a pioneer of modern colonoscopic techniques and author of many bestselling books in Asia, taking fermented drink that contains non-resident (ie. not the body’s own) bacteria is not fully effective in increasing the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This is because the live bacteria in fermented drink are not heat stable and as much as 95% of the bacteria are dead even before consumption. Thereafter, the remaining bacteria are easily destroyed when passing through the acidic stomach environment, or excreted in the stool if the body recognises them as foreign bacteria. Apart from this, fermented milk products may also contain high amounts of sugar, which is unhealthy for your child.

LAB Fermented Extract is 100% resistant to heat and stomach acids. It encourages the growth of the body’s friendly bacteria while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria and at the same time strengthens the immune cells.

This may due to the sour taste of Biogenics 16. If this happens, you can take Biogenics 16 with food or after meals rather than on an empty stomach. However, do note that taking Biogenics 16 alone will not increase your gastric acid level as gastric acid is secreted only when there is food in the stomach that needs digesting. Thus, Biogenics 16 is safe for consumption.

This rarely happens. If you experience this after drinking Biogenics 16 for the first time, it is likely due to a change in the intestinal environment which is beneficial to your health in a long term. The abnormal stool will normalise in 1 to 2 weeks. Please drink more water if the stool becomes harder and adjust the amount of Biogenics 16 if stool is loose. Observe the changes.

Biogenics 16 contains LAB Fermented Extract that can improve the balance of intestinal bacteria. In this balance-enhancing process, more gases may be produced and this will lead to increased farting. However, this will usually subside in 1 to 2 weeks. If you notice your stools are less smelly or gases have lessened, this implies that your intestinal environment has improved. Please adjust your Biogenics 16 dosage accordingly.

There have been studies that showed the effectiveness of topical probiotics in inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, virus and yeast on skin. In a study by Dr Shigehiro Tsuchiya of Tsuchiya Hospital, Japan, it is reflected that oral and topical application of LAB Fermented Extract is effective in improving the condition of atopic dermatitis in both subjects under study. Since LAB Fermented Extract does not contain live bacteria, the risk of allergies or rejection by the skin flora is minimised. However, further research is still being carried out at this point on the exact benefits in topical application of LAB Fermented Extract.
A healthy intestine with balanced gut flora is important to keep the skin healthy and for overall well-being. Unhealthy intestines dominated by bad bacteria may be one of the causes of poor skin condition due to the following possibilities:

  1. Unbalanced gut flora increases intestinal permeability, leading to a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome”. This means that bad bacteria, toxins, undigested foods and other foreign substances get leaked out into the bloodstream, thereby contributing to systemic inflammation which may lead to poor skin condition.
  1. Damage to the mucosa triggers an inflammatory reaction from the immune system. The continuous cycle of inflammation worsens the state of the gut, and subsequently, poor skin health.

Unlike probiotics or prebiotics, LAB Fermented Extract does not contain live bacteria, but instead is a high strength extract resulted from the co-culture of 16 unique strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria extracted using a unique, patented extraction process. It encourages the proliferation of the intestine’s resident good bacteria, while suppressing bad bacteria. When the condition of intestinal permeability is improved, skin condition will also be improved, as less foreign substances can leak into the bloodstream. This will reduce skin inflammation as well as lower the level of IgE, as identified in the clinical study by Dr Shigehiro Tsuchiya.change-in-ige-value-01

By supporting our intestinal health with LAB Fermented Extract, much of the previously mentioned symptoms, including skin condition, may then be improved.

Our intestines are the largest immune organ in our body. Many skin problems developed are results of poor immunity. Therefore, by improving our intestinal health through the proliferation of our good bacteria and suppressing the bad ones, we will be able to effectively improve our immunity and in turn relieve skin symptoms.
Our body is constantly under attacks by harsh environments, processed foods, stressful lifestyles, as well as evolving virus and bacteria strains. All these contribute to a lowered immunity, which affects our overall health, including our skin condition. By ensuring that our intestines have sufficient support to maintain a good colony of friendly bacteria to suppress the bad bacteria, this will lower the chances of skin problems and help maintain good skin and optimal health.