Clinical Studies on the Beneficial Effects of LAB Fermented Extract


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Dr. Hiromi Shinya – Clinical Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

World-renowned Gastroenterologist and author of many best-selling books in Asia, such as Byoki ni naranai ikikata [Living Without Disease] and Icho wa kataru—Kenko no ketsuron [The Digestive Tract Speaks].

 Topic of study: Beneficial effects to the intestinal environment
– Improvement in intestinal environment of cancer patients
– Improvement in bowel disease
– Prevention or improvement in lifestyle-related diseases

Dr. Toru Abo – Professor, Niigata University Graduate School

His clinical research on the immune response of LAB Fermentation Extract in the intestinal tract of mice was published in the European medical journal, Immunology Letters: Immunol Let. 102:74-78 (2006).
Topic of study: Active effects on intestinal immunity
– Serum interferon γ: Three-fold increase
– Intestinal lymphocytes: Two-fold increase
– NKT cells: Four-fold increase in the large intestine

Dr. Akira Kawashima- Associate Professor, The Tokyo Women’s Medical College attachment Aoyama, Woman Natural Medical Laboratory

His paper on the effects of serum indoxyl sulphate on patients undergoing maintenance dialysis, was published in the 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nephrology on 15 June 2006.
Topic of study: Decrease in serum uremic toxins
– Decrease in serum indoxyl sulphates in patients undergoing maintenance dialysis
– Suggested control in the progress of renal failure

Dr. Osamu Mizukami- Executive Director, Kenkou Zoushin Clinic

Active as one of Japan’s leading clinicians in the field of alternative medicine, Dr. Mizukami studies and monitors the changes in the quality of life (QOL) of 188 cancer patients after the consumption of LAB Fermented Extract.

Topic of study: Improvement of cancer patient QOL
– QOL improved in all 188 patients
– Cancer progression slowed
– Metastatic and relapse rate lowered

Dr. Tatsu Miyoshi- Executive Director, Ginza Namiki Clinic

Dr Miyoshi is the Executive Director of Ginza Namiki Clinic, a comprehensive cancer consultancy and second opinion clinic. His research is based on application in his clinical practice.
Topic of study: Application in cancer therapy
– Reduction in anticancer agent-induced diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal adverse effects
– Improvement in cancer patient QOL

Dr. Osami Nada- Professor Emeritus, Junior College Division, Kyushu University

His clinical research was focused on ageing with tests conducted on mice. He also took part in tests for various effects of ageing, performed at Rheology Research Laboratory.
Topic of study: Anti-ageing effect
– Activating effect on Peyer’s patch that plays a central role in intestinal immunological function

Dr. Takehiko Fujino- Professor Emeritus, Institute of Health Science, Kyushu University

His clinical research on anti-tumour test on mice with DMH-induced carcinogenesis of the colon, was published in the Greek medical journal Oncology Reports: Oncol Rep. 8:1073-1078 (2001)
Topic of study: Inhibitory effect on colon carcinogenesis
– Carcinogenesis frequency: 24% reduction
– Incidence of microadenomas: Inhibited by over 60%

Dr. Tomomi Himeno- Executive Director, Himeno Tomomi Clinic

Dr. Himeno’s clinical study suggested that one of the causes of depression symptoms relates to the failure of intestinal functions. She is also the author of many books discussing the association between mind and body and is active in the media with frequent appearance on television and magazines.
Topic of study: Application in psychosomatic medicine
– Suggested the relationship between the brain, bowel and nutrition
– Clinical application in psychosomatic medicine

Dr. Atsushi Matsunaga- Executive Director, Ohkita Medical Clinic

His clinical analysis of 450 patients with allergic disease, cancer and gastrointestinal disease was reported in the medical journal, The Journal of Therapy. October 2005 (Nanzando).
Topic of study: Beneficial effects on patients’ physical condition
– Over 60% of patients experienced alleviation of allergic symptoms and pollinosis
– Improvement in intestinal condition, sense of defecation, fecal odour, flatulence odour

Dr. Shoji Hirata – Executive Director, Cancer Village Sapporo Hirata Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Medical Oncology

His clinical research reports in the fields of integrative cancer treatment, oral cancer, candidiasis, constipation and nervousness.
Topic of study: Improvement of oral candidiasis
– Improvement of oral candidiasis
– Improvement of inflammation caused by stomatitis and dentures

Dr. Yoshinori Ochiai- Executive Director, Ochiai Dental Clinic

Dr Ochiai’s study on induced change in intestinal environment on oral caries risk was published in the 10th Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT) and the Joint Session of the 6th Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine (JIM), 2006.
Topic of study: Reduced caries risk
– Improved buffer capacity of saliva
– Reduced risk of oral caries