Why Choose LAB Fermented Extract?

Just as our fingerprints are unique, every individual’s intestinal bacteria strain is different from anyone else. This makes it difficult and challenging for an external probiotic strain to be recognised and accepted by the body, to efficiently increase the number of good bacteria in the body. Without the problems of regular probiotics products, LAB Fermented Extract supports the body to nurture a favourable intestinal environment by encouraging the multiplication of the body’s resident Lactic Acid Bacteria to restore balance to the gut flora.

Results of genetic analysis conducted by the University of Tokyo to analyse the intestinal bacteria of 13 Japanese test subjects revealed that the intestinal bacteria in each subject were different. Not only did they differ between genders, they were also different between parents and their children. *

Furthermore, it has also been reported that even when specific strain of live bacteria is ingested, they did not take up residence in the intestines, but become transient bacteria with the majority being passed out with the stools within one week.

Hence, rather than ingesting large amounts of live bacteria to balance the gut flora, it is most effective to multiply the body’s natural good bacteria to maintain a good balance of intestinal bacteria.

*Masahira Hattori: Sourced from the Biohistory Journal 2008 Winter Edition